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Upper Extremity Stroke Exercises

Upper Limbs Stroke Exercises

Upper Extremity Stroke Exercises Latest research exposed that a human brain looks very resilient and easily reconcile.  Believed that the brain takes time to recover after stroke attack. But after this research people are more hopeful and optimistic about the chances of pro-stroke improvement. Stroke patients may experience paralysis in different body part depending upon the intensity of the attack. Some people suffer it on the left half of the body and vice versa. Apart from medication exercises plays an important part in getting you closer towards fitness goals. There are different stroke exercises of upper extremity as well as for the lower body.

How Upper Extremity Stroke Exercises Are Helpful For Stroke Patients?

Upper extremity includes arm, hand, shoulder, some part of the brain etc. Arms and hands affect the most by a stroke attack. Immovable arm can make an individual helpless especially when your functional arm is damaged. There are certain stroke exercises for upper extremity that are really beneficial for an affected arm.

After the stroke attack if you will leave your body on the bed then you can’t recover it. Even a healthy body can suffer stiffness of muscles due to lack of physical activity. Exercise is very important so no one should miss it. Although it can be a bit painful in the beginning more efforts will lead to speedy recovery.

Recommended Upper Extremity Stroke Exercises

Here are some exercises that can be practiced on a daily basis for quick results

  • Try to wrap your fingers of affected hand around a door handle or a drawer handle. Slowly try to push and pull that door or drawer.
  • Grab a plastic bag with your hand and carry it for a while. You can also put something very lightweight to take this exercise to the next level.

Grab a tube of toothpaste and try to squeeze it with your affected hand.