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Stretching, Types Of Stretching

Stretching for Impaired Mobility


Portability or Mobility:

The capacity of structures or sections of the body to move or be moved.


versatile shortening of delicate tissues can happen as the consequence of numerous disarranges or circumstances.


A general term used to depict any restorative move intended to build the extensibility of delicate tissues, in this manner enhancing adaptability and ROM by stretching (protracting) structures that have adaptively abbreviated and have ended up hypermobile after some time.

Adaptability or Flexibility

The capacity to move a solitary joint or arrangement of joints easily and effortlessly through an unlimited, torment free ROM.

Dynamic adaptability:

the extent to which a dynamic muscle compression moves a body fragment through the accessible ROM of a joint.

Inactive adaptability:

the extent to which a  body portion can be latently traveled through the accessible ROM and is subject to the extensibility of muscles and connective tissues that cross and encompass a joint.


alludes to diminished portability or limited movement.


the versatile shortening of the muscle-tendon unit and other delicate tissues that cross or encompass a joint.

Assignment of Contractures by Location

Contracture Versus Contraction

Sorts of Contracture

Myostatic contracture

Pseudomyostatic contracture

Atherogenic and periarticular contracture.

Fibrotic contracture and irreversible contracture.

Specific Stretching

Specific extending is a procedure whereby the general capacity of a patient might be enhanced by applying extending strategies specifically to a few muscles and joints however permitting impediment of movement to create in different muscles or joints.

Overstretching and Hypermobility

Overstretching is a stretch well past the typical length of muscle and ROM of a joint and the encompassing delicate tissues, bringing about hypermobility.

Outline of Interventions to Increase
The mobility of Soft Tissues

Extending: Manual or Mechanical/Passive or Assisted


Neuromuscular Facilitation and Inhibition Techniques

Muscle Energy Techniques

Joint Mobilization/Manipulation

Delicate Tissue Mobilization/Manipulation

Neural Tissue Mobilization

Signs for Stretching