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Sinusoidal Current Effects Of Sinusoidal Current

A sinusoidal current is evenly alternating sine wave currents having a frequency of 50hZ. It gives 100 pulses or phases in one second of 10 ms each, 50 in one direction and 50 in the other. It can generate by reducing the voltage in 60 or 80 volts with the step-down transformer.

Sinusoidal current

Effects Of Sinusoidal Current:

The main action of the sinusoidal current is to produce the muscle contraction. If it is applied continuously, tetanic contraction will occur and there is stimulation of both sensory and motor nerves which will produce tingling and needle-like sensation. This is the prime reason for which the surging of current has been carried out. Once the current surges. it will produce rhythmic muscle contractions.

the pain relief occurs when sensory nerves are stimulated, by pain gait mechanism. Also when there is a contraction of the muscles, this contraction has a message like an effect which not only improves the circulation of the blood but also helps in the reduction of edema by improving the lymphatic drainage.

Application Of  The Sinusoidal Current:

  1. Tell the procedure to the patient, check all the areas before treatment. either their sensations are intact or not and remove all metals.
  2. Soak the electrodes in the warm water, place the electrodes pads upon the motor points which have to be stimulated.
  3. Pads may be held firmly by means of straps.
  4. Do not apply over the bony prominences.
  5.  increase current slowly and slowly to the comfort of the patient. Stop treatment in case of any side effect.
  6. Stop the current slowly by slowly stopping the machine.

Indications Of Sinusoidal Current:

  1. Moderate surging has an effect to cause contraction and relaxation of the muscles.
  2. Pain control
  3. Reduction of edema
  4. Rapid surging is beneficial in lower motor neuron lesion
  5. By using sustained sinusoidal current fatigue of reflex and muscle relaxation obtain. It is helpful in pain and muscle spasms.
Contraindications Of Sinusoidal Current.
  1. Insert a pacemaker
  2. Recent or nonunion fracture
  3. Recent scar after injury
  4. Over abrasion
  5. Hemorrhagic site’
  6. Near an abscess
  7. Any condition where muscle contraction causes a delay in the healing process.