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Osteoporotic Excercises

1)Weight-Bearing Osteoporotic Excercises : If your doctor determines that it’s not safe for you to perform high-impact weight-bearing exercises, he or she may recommend low-impact weight-bearing exercises that are less likely to cause fractures and also build and maintain bone density. These include:

Elliptical training machines
Low-impact aerobics
Stair-step machines
Walking (either outside or on a treadmill machine)
If you’re new to exercise, or haven’t exercised for awhile, you should aim to gradually increase your level of weight-bearing exercise to 30 minutes per day on most days of the week.

2)Muscle-Strengthening Osteoporotic Excercises:
Programs that maintain muscular strength can slow the loss of bone mineral density associated with osteoporosis, and may help prevent fall-related fractures. Examples of muscle-strengthening exercises include functional movements such as standing and rising on your toes, lifting your own body weight, and the use of equipment such as:

Elastic exercise bands
Free weights
Weight machines
Experts recommend performing strength-training exercises two to three days per week.
There is no single exercise regimen that’s best for everyone with osteoporosis. Each regimen should be specifically tailored to the individual patient based on a medical evaluation of:1.

Fracture risk 2.
Muscle strength 3.
Range of motion 4/
Level of physical activity 5.