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Lower back pain And Lower Back Pain Principle

Lower Back Pain Principle

Lower back pain is really common these days. It is a sort of barrier for 80 out of 100 people in the performance of their daily routine activities. Today, we would let you know about its causes and treatments.

Lower back pain is a painful condition. There is no single reason for lower back pain. It can start due to the wrong body postures. Sitting, standing, bending and twisting trigger it and then it can last for hours.


Younger people from 20-50 years of age suffer from this due to disc displacement or degeneration but old people having nearly over 60 years of age suffer from lower back pain due to the degeneration of joints. However, there is a complex of causes that initiate this painful condition.

Lumbar spinal stenosis:

Stenosis means chocking and it is normally due to osteoarthritis. In this condition, spinal canal blocks or narrows down due to the degeneration, which can cast stress on the nerve root and become the reason of sciatica and lower back pain.

Lumbar herniated disc:

When the disc herniates, the inner material of it leaks out and disturb or break a nearby passing nerve root, producing leg pain.


Degeneration of the cartilage at end of bones causes bones to rub against each other causing lower back pain.

Lower Back Pain Principle Injury:

By accidents or falling, injuries occur that cause the damage of tendons, muscles, and ligaments causing lower back pain.


It is a disorder in which at bottom of spine vertebra slip and pinch the nerve resulting in sciatica and lower back pain.


There are many treatments of lower back pain depending on the causes of this ailment. However, non-surgical handling is given below.

Manual handling:

This practice is performed by medical experts that help to kill lower back pain by lowering pressure on delicate structures, elevating the flexibility, improving the blood flow and decreasing the muscle stiffness.

Hot or cold packs:

Ice packs or hot bottles are applied on painful area according to the cause of ache to eradicate lower back pain.


Different pain-killers are recommended to immediately relieve the pain. One of the most common painkillers paracetamol. Besides these, doctors also suggest anti-depressants. These medications are given according to the severity of a problem.

Lower Back Pain Principle Massages:

Massages by different relaxants and oils are really effective in relieving lower back pain.