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what is Iontophresis, Technique Of Application

what is Iontophoresis Iontophoresis

A physical procedure in which particles stream diffusively in a medium driven connected to an electric field.

Iontophoresis utilizes direct current to drive charged atoms from specific medicines. for example antiinflammatories (hydrocortisone), sedatives (lidocaine), or analgesics (ibuprofen or acetaminophen), into harmed tissue. It utilized as a nearby analgesic to treat inflammatory conditions and skin conditions lessening edema.

The term iontophoresis  just characterized as particle exchange (into = particle; phoresis = exchange)


Electromotive Medication Organization (EMDA)

It conveys pharmaceutical or other compounds through the skin. As they say, an infusion without a needle and depicted as non-obtrusive.

It depends on the electric field. It drives a charged substance, for the most part, a solution or bioactive operator, transdermally unpleasant electromotive power, through the skin. A little electric current connected to an iontophoretic chamber set on the skin, containing a charged dynamic operator and its dissolvable vehicle. Another chamber or a skin cathode conveys the arrival current. Maybe a couple chambers loaded with an answer containing a dynamic fixing and its dissolvable vehicle. The decidedly charged chamber, called the anode, repulse an emphatically charged concoction animal types, while the adversely charged chamber, called the cathode, will repulse a contrarily charged animal groups into the skin.

Essential Principles

To “drive” the particles into the tissues, a DIRECT (Galvanic) current needs to utilize. A few powers recommend that the present should constant, however, others have contended that inasmuch as the current monophasic in nature, a beat application can utilize. Ceaseless (great) DC  most normally utilized as a part of practice.

Basically, the substance to crashed into the tissues NEEDS to IONIC in nature and MUST put under the cathode with the SAME CHARGE (i.e. emphatically charged particles set under the positive cathode (ANODE) and the converse for an adversely charged particle).


The emphatically charged chamber, called the anode, will repulse a decidedly charged concoction into the skin.

The adversely charged chamber, called the cathode, will repulse a contrarily charged concoction into the skin.

Cathode rays

Customarily, the cathode under which the ionic arrangement put knew as the ACTIVE anode. The other terminal, which utilizes to finish the circuit most regularly called the DISPERSIVE, INDIFFERENT, INACTIVE or RETURN cathode


The particles crashed into the skin of the pores – hair follicles, sweat organ conduits – as opposed to through the stratum corneum.

The particles (ionic arrangement) utilize rely on upon the restorative expected impacts.


Ionic Penetration

Normally viewed as that the entrance of the particles into the tissues liable to be under 1mm. Any more profound entrance thought to because of nearby hairlike flow impacts. There is no proof that the present itself in charge of infiltrations past this level.

Application Devices

Numerous particular (committed) machines sold which exclusively intended to convey this kind of treatment.

A few for patient home use (particularly for the treatment of hyperhidrosis-unnecessary sweating). Most present-day multifunction gadgets will incorporate iontophoresis sort streams in their menu choices.

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Ideal current variables utilized as a part of iontophoresis

Current Type DC Current

Amplitude1.0 – 4.0 mA

Treatment Duration20 – 40 minutes

All out Current delivered40-80mA/min

A general guideline of use

Desirable overuse an immediate current stimulator, regularly a devoted iontophoresis gadget, or the DC/Iontophoresis yield on a multi-modular machine.

Steady present desirable over consistent voltage – in this manner, whatever progressions happen as far as skin resistance, the extent of the connected current won’t surpass the preset level. A few machines offer you and a decision – and if that the situation, consistent current will give you a successful and the safest application (little danger of skin burn). Constant voltage incitement can bring about a blaze all the more effortlessly (for this situation, the voltage set the administrator. On the off chance that the skin resistance changes, the present course through the tissues will fluctuate – and along these lines offer ascent to an expanded danger of blaze)

Safe Current Density

Note that the present thickness (how solid the current is furthermore how focused it is), measured in mA/cm2, is an imperative element in these medications. In the event that the present thickness achieves too high a level, tissue harm, and particularly skin smolder, may happen


The cathodes can uncommon pre-gelled dispensable anodes or standard metal terminals of different sorts.

Some business iontophoresis cathodes uncommon wells or repository ranges for the medication being referred to.

It may not important to utilize these (business) cathodes, and for a long time, advisors utilized different metal/foil anodes with the substance required for the treatment connected to the wet/soggy cloth between the metal terminal and the skin surface.


what is Iontophresis


incorporate sensitivity to the particle utilized, diminished sensation, and setting terminals specifically over unhealed or incompletely recuperated skin wounds or new scar tissue. No contact ought to exist between metal or carbon elastic cathode segments and the skin, and terminals ought to never evacuated or revamped until the unit killed.

Iontophoresis noninvasive and effortless utilizes a sterile application, and great for those patients who dread injections. Prior to treatment, the skin completely purified. Next, well-saturated anodes connected over the most point of convergence of tissue inflammation or agony, unless skin bothering unmistakable. The extremity of the pharmaceutical figures out which cathode utilized to drive the atoms into the skin. The pharmaceutical put under the anode with the same extremity. At the point when the current connection, the particles are pushed far from the cathode and crashed into the skin toward the harmed site. This limited treatment frequently favored over more problematic systemic treatments. Common determined treated to iontophoresis incorporate plantar fasciitis, bursitis, sidelong and average epicondylitis (regularly alluded to as tennis elbow and golfers elbow separately) and a few sorts of palmar-plantar hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis ordinarily utilized physical advisors and word related specialists for the utilization of mitigating meds.