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Frankel’s Coordination exercises

It is defined as a series of gradual progressive— exercises designed to increase coordination.

Method of treating the ataxia & in coordination.

frenkel's exercises

—Mechanism is based on voluntary control of movement by use of sensory mechanism i.e sight, sound & touch to compensate for the loss of kinesthetic sensation.

—Essentials are

  1. Concentration of attention
  2. Precision

III.  Repetition

—TECHNIQUE of Frenkel’s exercises

—Position & clothing

—Explanation of exercise

—Attention of patient

—Speed of movement

—ROM by marking spots

—Repetition of exercises

—Rest periods

—PROGRESSION of Frenkel’s exercises

—Made alteration in speed, range & complexity

—Quick movements, less control

—Slow movement, high control

—Simple movements build up to form complex movements e.g walking

—According to disability re-education starts from lying to standing.

frenkel's exercises

—Frankel’s exercises For The Legs In Lying

a)Lying(Head raised); Hip abduction& adduction

b)Lying(Head raised);one Hip & knee flexion & Extension

c)Lying(Head raised); one Leg raising to place Heel on the specific mark

d)Lying(Head raised); Hip & Knee flexion & extension, abduction & adduction

—Frankel’s exercises For The Legs In Sitting

a)Sitting; one Leg stretching, to side heel to a position indicated by a mark on the floor.

b)Sitting; alternate Leg stretching & lifting to place Heel or Toe on specified mark.

c)Stride sitting; change to standing and then sit down again.

—Exercise For The Legs In Standing

a)Stride standing; transference of weight from Foot to Foot.

b)Stride standing; walking sideways placing Feet on marks on the floor.

c)Standing;walking placing Feet on marks.

d)Standing; turn around.

e)Standing; walking and changing direction to avoid obstacles.

—Exercises For The Arms

a)Sitting (one Arm supported on a table or in slings); Shoulder flexion or extension to place Hand on a specified mark.

b)Sitting; one Arm stretching, to thread it through a small loop or ring.

c)Sitting; picking up objects and putting them down on specified marks.


—All exercises are repeated to rhythmic count.

a)Sitting; one Hip flexion & adduction.

b)Half lying; one Leg abduction to bring knee to side of plinth, followed by one Knee bending to put Foot on floor, the movement is then reversed & repeated.

c)Sitting; lean forward and take weight on Feet(as if to stand), then sit down again.

d)Standing; Arms swing forwards & backwards(with partner holding two sticks).

e)Standing or walking; bounce & catch, or throw & catch a ball.

frenkel's exercises