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FluidoTherapy Treatment and Hot Air Treatment

In fluidotherapy when warmed air blow through a mass of cellulose particles(powder) which become suspended in moving air in a large cabinet, a fluid like a mixture is formed. The distal part of a limb immersed through a hole in the box. Treatment usually maintained between 38-45 C causing skin stimulation both mechanical and thermal. It is different from hydrotherapy. Sweating can still act as a heat loss mechanism. Treatment usually takes 20 min. If an open wound found, It may cover to prevent the powder entrance into the tissues.


Heated Air Treatment:

Hot dry air and a mixture of air and water vapors known as hot air baths or Turkish baths. Used for obtaining therapeutic effects in various conditions.

Its apparatus consists of a metal box fitted with an electric fan or element heater that regulates with the help of a thermostat. Hot air passed through 3 or 4 successive chambers where the temperature usually 93-104 c. Despite the profuse sweating, body temperature does not rise in hot air bath. cold shower follows 30 min rest necessary at the end.


Clinical Uses of Fluidotherapy:

It uses full for the treatment of the hand injuries especially in edema and open wounds.