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Fixed point suspension

Axial Fixation

This occurs when all the ropes supporting a part are attached to one ‘S’ hook which is fixed to a point

immediately above the centre of the joint which is to be moved, e.g. if the lower limb is to be moved at the

hip joint, two ropes, one to the foot and one to the area of the knee, will be used and fixed at a point

immediately over the axis of the hip joint .


When such fixation is set up the movement of the

limb will be on a flat plane level with the floor. In this way pure angular movements are obtained

If some resistance to the muscle work is required, then the whole fixed point is moved away from the

muscles which require resistance

Abduction and adduction of the hip joint in axial fixation

Flexion and extension of the hip joint in axial fixation

A pillow is placed between the thighs for flexion and extension of the knee in axial


Shoulder abduction and adduction in axial fixation.

Using axial fixation over the right

glenohumeral joint and a single pulley

rope the movements of

extension/adduction/medial rotation and

flexion/abduction/lateral rotation can

be performed with the patient

quarter 15° turned to the right