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Exercises for Stroke of Lower Limb

Exercises stroke rehabilitation:Moving around easily from one point to another is not something you may bother unless you had a stoke attack. In the earlier period of stroke attack patients feel hopeless because it is painful to move their affected body parts. This is the main reason that many of them experience balance problem and even upper and lower body parts become paralyzed.Exercises stroke rehabilitation

Physical activity can be painful in the beginning but repetitive and regular exercises can do miracles. Exercises for stroke patients lower limb is as important as for upper body.

Exercises stroke rehabilitation

What is The Best Exercise for Stroke Patients Lower Limb?

The best exercise for lower limb is walking around. It is really helpful to strengthen hip and legs muscle. If you feel like you can’t walk just tell your mind that you can do this. Start it with baby steps. Just stand for some seconds for some days after that take one or two steps by holding something for support. Always use stick, hold wall or ask someone to be with you for support because body muscles after stroke get weak and you may fell down.

Here are two exercises for stroke patients lower limb that are really helpful

Exercise No. 1:

  • Put your unaffected leg straight on the floor and bend the affected one.
  • Lift up that affected foot.
  • Overlap affected leg over the unaffected one.
  • Lift up your affected leg to unfold both legs.
  • Repeat these movements again and again.

This exercise is great for hip control for walking activities.

Exercise No. 2

  • Start this exercise by laying straight on the floor or some flat surface with bend knees.
  • Start sliding your effective leg’s heel downwards to straighten your leg.
  • Slowly slide your leg back to bending position.
  • Repeat these movements few times.

This is a good exercise for stroke patients lower limb as it improves knee and hip control.

Exercises stroke rehabilitation